Nawab Qizilbash


Nawab Qizilbash

Head Of OXON

Clinical Epidemiologist and Head of OXON and:

Honorary Associate Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London
University Honorary Consultant Geriatrician, Hospital Cantoblanco, Madrid
Member of Green Templeton College, Oxford University Co-author of x7 Lancet, x1 JAMA and x3 BMJ publications in epidemiology, pragmatic trials and meta-analysis
Chief editor of ‘Evidence-based Dementia Practice’ published by Blackwells, Oxford.
Nawab was Director of Epidemiology and Evidence-based Medicine, GSK (1997-2005); he trained under and worked with Professor Sir Richard Peto F.R.S., and was founding editor of the Cochrane Dementia Group. He also trained in general internal medicine and geriatrics under Professor Sir John Grimley Evans and was Honorary Consultant Physician at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford (1997-2000), and St’s Mary’s Hospital, London (2005-2006).

He was the originator of the Prospective Studies Collaboration: individual participant data meta-analysis of 61 of the largest prospective cohort studies from 4 continents.

Among CROs in Europe, Nawab provides clients with a unique combination of high quality epidemiological and clinical experience (honorary consultant physician – “board-certified” equivalent in the USA) covering many therapeutic areas. He has sat on many Steering/Scientific committees as an expert in clinical epidemiology.